About company

About company

ČEGAN s.r.o.

Husova 1693/35
664 51  Šlapanice

Czech Republic

Identification Number: 26274744
VAT: CZ26274744

The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 41321st.

Main activities

  • Production of finish hardware and articles of stainless steel and plastic under a brand of Holar™
  • Production of articles of stainless metals
  • Injection moulding of thermoplastics, design and production of injection moulds
  • Sorting of components for automobile industry – Sorting

Company strategy

Scope of production of finish hardware

Superior quality according to the highest world standards.

Scope of injection of thermoplastics

To incorporate among suppliers of demanding technical components for automobile and electrical industries.


The company organization is based on a open and flexible system, conception on aims where emphasis is put on coaction, cooperation and knowledge. Therefore it is necessary not only to work, but also to cooperate. Personal interests must not outdo interests of the whole.

People in the company

Everything depends on people. Company success depends more and more on people than on its formal organizational structure. We support people that work with great personal interest, that employ in the work both your heart and brain. With that is connected quality and effectivity of work. That´s why we endeavour to integrate to our staff people who are creative, persistent, flexible, optimistic, demanding to themselves and to others, dedicated, having decent and helpful conduct and are loyal to the company.

Customer orientation

Objective of all our effort is a safisfied customner. We are concerned above all about a constant increase of trust and creation of good and long-time relationship with our customers.


“If a customer has to be satisfied, he has to get a better product or service than he had expected.”

This company catchword is applied by all employees of both companies all the time. Everything is based on a constant process of improvement, promptness, solidity and long-term certainty for the customer. Thanks and recognition for achieved results belong to the whole working staff, to all business partners and all customers.

Company background

The company has available production and business premises at Šlapanice and Náměšř nad Oslavou.